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Games for Kids

Power House

Power House

Power House is a fun online game where kids learn how to juggle the activities of a family while trying to save as much energy as possible.

Energy Hog

Play Energy Hog

Become an official Energy Hog Buster with the help of Inspectors Hector and Irene! Learn which home appliances are Energy Hogs and stop them from pigging out on energy! Complete all 5 games to win your Energy Hog Buster badge. Kids learn tips and tricks to save energy in your own home along the way.

SciGirls Activities

Check out SciGirls Activities

SciGirls is a PBS Kid's show aimed at girls ages 8-12, with the purpose of interesting them in STEM fields. The activities listed on the website include instructions on how to conduct fun science projects predominately outdoors. Anyone can be a SciGirl!

Energy Star Kids

Play Energy Star Kids

Take part in saving our planet with Energy Star Kids! At this interactive website, learn about where energy comes from, the different kinds of energy, and most importantly, how to conserve it.

Koda Quest

Koda Quest

Koda Quest is a free mobile app game led by Koda the Polar Bear. Kids can feed, clean, dress, and play with Koda, but in order to move on to the next level, kids also have to help Koda on his Real World Missions!

Recycle City

Recycle City

This website allows you to “Explore Recycle City to see how its people reduce waste, use less energy, and save money by doing simple things at home, at work, and in their neighborhoods,” As well as becoming the virtual Mayor of Dump City to improve it.