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Audits and Rebates

Home Energy Auditors

Learn how to save energy in your home from a professional. Energy auditors inspect your home for areas where you are losing energy, such as air leaks or inefficient light bulbs, and recommend ways to repair those areas so that you can save energy and money on your energy bill.

Be Your Own Energy Auditor

Alternatively, you can also be your own home’s energy auditor! While not as thorough as an energy audit conducted by a professional auditor, you can use “this guide” as you walk through your house to locate areas in your home where you are losing energy.

Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM)

Private and government mortgage programs offer “Green Mortgages” or Energy Efficient Mortgages, whereby you can borrow extra money in order to make your new or old home more energy efficient. Energy efficient upgrades to your home will not only make your home more environmentally-friendly, but they will also make your home more comfortable to live in year-round, AND save you money on your utility bill by using less energy! 

Rebates and Tax Credits

Taxes can be a bother, but did you know that you could earn money back through certain government rebates and tax credits just by saving energy?