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Menlo Spark


Menlo Spark is a new nonprofit organization joining together Menlo Park businesses, residents and government partners to achieve a climate-neutral Menlo Park within ten years. We are weaving together novel energy, transportation, land use and building policies to chart a path for Menlo Park to become the first truly carbon neutral city by 2025. Our approach is guided by principles of promoting community prosperity, bolstering economic vitality, and protecting civic heritage.

Climate leadership depends on small cities like Menlo Park. A coalition of small cities across the United States could present an even greater emissions mitigation opportunity than working with big cities. Cities like Menlo Park, with populations between ten and fifty thousand people, are responsible for more emissions and are home to a greater share of the U.S. population than cities with 500,000 people or more (See the Chart below). Menlo Park’s efforts could catalyze a larger movement of small cities with tremendous potential for emissions reductions.

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Menlo Spark’s model combines the financing of what already makes economic sense, pilots forward-thinking approaches, and changes the incentives for every business and resident to help themselves and the city succeed. In doing so, we will create a prosperous, healthier Menlo Park.