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Curriculum Overview

The Food Choices curriculum is a five-session course that introduces Girl Scouts to environmentally conscious food actions they can make in their own homes. Each session is designed to take up one week of the course, making this a four to five week program.

The Food Choices curriculum involves hands-on games and activities, pledging, and a “Meals Log” where girls record their food choice actions over the course of the week. Take-home prizes are an optional component of each session. Below is a breakdown of each of the sessions.

To see the full curriculum as well as teaching tips and instructional videos, please register for the GLEE online course for troop leaders.


Session Goal Main Activities Parent Newsletter (click to download) Watch our videos!
1 Learn about where some of the things we eat (like potato chips) come from

Introduction to GLEE

Action Jar Game

Scouts track their troop’s environmentally friendly food choices by adding pom poms, beans, or other small objects to a large, clear jar. As the program continues, watch the jar fill up!

The Food Origins Game

Scouts discover where the foods they eat come from

GLEE Video Newscast

Scouts create a video newscast as a team

Introduction to GLEE

 Intro to GLEE:

Action Jar Game:

Food Origins Game:

GLEE Video Newscast:

2 Learn about how much energy goes into producing meat

Food Choices Game

Scouts learn ways to create environmentally friendly meals, connect with family members about eating sustainably, and try out some meatless and environmentally friendly recipes

GLEE Video Newscast
Meatless Mondays

Food Choices Game:

3 Practice advocating for energy saving activities

Action Jar Game

Letter to a Leader Advocacy Exercise

Scouts pick a specific food energy issue they’re passionate about, connect with the larger community, and write and film a letter to a leader of their choice

GLEE Video Newscast
Eating Local

Letter to a Leader Advocacy Exercise:

4 Promote actions in the community

Action Jar Game

Food Choices Role Play Activity

Scouts communicate about how the food we eat uses energy, practice these conversations, and try out their new skills with the adults around them

GLEE Video Newscast
Packaged and Processed Food

Food Choices Role Play Activity Part 1:

Food Choices Role Play Activity Part 2:

5 Celebrate achievements!

Patch Ceremony and Video Screening

Girls reflect and celebrate their accomplishments
GLEE recap  


After each session, you will bring home a “Meals Log ” to track your environmentally friendly food practices.

Link: Meals Log