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For Kids

For the Whole Family

  • Time for Kids: Environment

    The umbrella site for TIME for kids is great for kids interested in the environment and endangered species. There are several articles and helpful or informational links here.

  • Eek-O World

    Eek-O World from PBS Kids GO! Is an environment centered site with games and fun games, Slightly cheesy, definitely for young ages.

  • EcoKids

    This ecofriendly website helps kids set goals to be more sustainable, including packing lunches in reusable containers or hosting a recycle contest. “EcoKids is Earth Day Canada’s environmental education program for youth who care about the planet. It offers interactive, fun, educational games and activities that utilize participants’ willingness to learn. Children are encouraged to form their own opinions, make decisions, get involved and understand the impact their own actions have on the environment.”

  • Climate Concepts

    This site by the EPA is for older students, but gives a good overview on what climate change is.

  • The Green Squad

    This website provides an interactive way to see where waste occurs in schools and ways to improve or prevent it. Meant to inspire kids to take action in their own schools.

  • Energy Kids

    This site teaches kids about energy, the types (renewable and non-renewable) and what forms of energy are used around the world.

  • Cool The Earth

    “Cool The Earth is a free, ready-to-run climate change assembly program that educates K-8 students and their families about climate change and inspires them to take simple actions to reduce their carbon emissions. The program is successful because it’s fun and empowering for the kids, and their enthusiasm is contagious!”

    - Cool The Earth website

  • Kids Against Climate Change

    This website introduces Climate Change to kids, providing action items for both them and their parents, as well as several tools to get started

  • Environmental websites for kids

    This website shows parents different places to send their kids online to learn about the environment.

  • Guide to energy of the earth

    This is a guide to the energy of the Earth. The global demand for energy continues to increase. Where does energy come from, and where does it go? Watch this video to learn how energy flows     through the Earth’s natural systems, including its clean, renewable energy sources. | Video by Josh Sneideman of the Energy Department, TED-Ed.

  • Fourth Graders Power Their Classroom with Solar Energy

    Watch as the students in Aaron Sebens' fourth grade class complete a project that goes above and beyond a normal day in school.

  • National Energy Education Development Project

    NEED provides an energy curriculum focusing on thermodynamics, because a solid foundation in energy understanding will help students make smart choices in their energy use and in their decision to use efficient energy resources. The curriculum focuses on areas including renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy, electricity, transportation, efficiency and conservation, and the synthesis of energy information. If you are an educator and would like to implement this in schools, email, or call 1-800-875-5029 OR 1-703-257-1117.

  • SciGirls

    Citizen science happens when ordinary people study the world around them and send in the data they collect to scientists. Anyone can do citizen science!