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Overview of the GLEE Course

This course is for troop leaders who would like to implement either or both of the GLEE curriculums with their troop. The course will provide you all of the information to deliver the program, including videos, showing a teacher delivering the program, downloadable materials to use in the games and activities, links to places to find other materials used in the original program, and giving you tips to engage whole families in energy reduction. We also have a website that keeps you up to date on energy science, information and fun educational activities for parents and girls after or during the GLEE program. For example, we have links to the Powerhouse game that allows parents and girls to play a fun game and learn how to decrease their energy consumption. Finally, we describe a program that troop families can sign up for, whereby they agree to reduce energy at certain hours over time. The money families save from reducing energy can be assigned to the troop for additional troop activities or giving back to Girl Scouts.

To learn how to teach GLEE in a weekend, watch the video below:

Get a Copy of the Curricula

Both of the GLEE curricula, home electricity and food sustainability can be found in the course. They are located under "course handouts" and are downloadable. They can also be found as tabs in the main menu.

Course Pathways

GLEE’s online course has two pathways: the Busy Bee Pathway, and the Queen Bee Pathway. The Busy Bee Pathway only requires you to watch the course videos and complete the mastery activities and questions for teaching preparation. If you’d like a more thorough introduction to the GLEE curricula, we suggest the Queen Bee Pathway, which requires that you complete all of the course material.  Each pathway offers a statement of accomplishment.


That being said, our online course is a self-paced course. This means you can access the course any time you like, choosing to save a weekend to go through all of the content, or just look at one unit per week. You don't have to go through the whole course before you start using GLEE with your troop. We do recommend that you look at the units that pertain to the games and activities you'll be playing in a session a few days before that session. If you take the course this way, it should take about 5-6 weeks to complete.

Note: if you are only implementing one of the curricula, you can skip the module that covers the main activities for the curriculum you will not be using.